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Recent Additions, updated February 11, 2018
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Forsaken Path


Along the Icy River


The Long Wait


Shadow Falls


Time Travel


Improbable Perch


Invasive Crimson


Restful Tapestry


Chaos Theory


Social Trails


Slow Recovery


Buckwheat Tapestry


Autumn Morning Palette


Fallen Comrade


Beaver Pond, Autumn


Intricate Calm


Piliferous Poppy


Illuminated Tips


Alien Sensuality


Final Touch


Convoluted Path


Canyon Autumn Afternoon


Autumn Revelation


The Living Years








Rocky Slope






Bison On The Ledge




Break In The Storm


Winter Flamenco


Winter Minuet


Bare Essentials




Blue Flame


Alluvial Fractals


Resting Place


A Lonesome Perch


A Day of Rest


Winter Fairyland


Red, White and Blue


Desert Brush Tapestry


Remnants of Autumn


Cold Fusion


Cold Embers


Sheltering Walls


Autumn Ornaments


Slow Dancing




Towering Below


Where Nobody Goes


Hazy Canyon Morning


Morning on the Rim


Red Rock Dawn


Once Upon a Desert


Storm Sentinels


Desert Green


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